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17-part series showcasing international music, dance and performance from across the world in collaborative films between choreographers, performers and directors.

Performers including: Akram Khan; Frank Chickens; Stacey Makishi; The Monks of Tashi Llunpo; Mavin Khoo; Flamenco Express.

Wark Clements/Channel 4

(Dance Umbrella; New Moves Across Europe; 100 Years of British Dance - international tour; Asian-American Film Festival. Screened at Royal Festival Hall)

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Original idea, development and production of two award winning performance poetry series with wide ranging stylistic approach. Collaborative films between contemporary poets - including John Hegley, Patience Agbabi, Owen O'Neill and Janice Galloway - and innovative new directors.

Wark Clements/Channel 4

(1st prize, CinePoetry Festival 1998; Michigan Arts Festival 2000,

New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2001)

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Live art piece by Caroline Wright for Trust New Art at Anglesey Abbey.

Inspired by the life of Lord Fairhaven, former owner of Anglesey Abbey.

Live theatre piece by Theatre Centre exploring the impact of witnessing violence on children.

You can view a selection of films from the Litpop and Per4mance series below with more on my vimeo site. Technical quality not great as these were produced a long time ago and digital copies taken from old tape formats but hopefully still worth a watch!

Akram Khan - Loose in Flight

Patience Agbabi - The Black, The White, The Blue

John Hegley - Poem de Terre

Patience Agbabi - Rapunzel

Frank Chickens - My husband is a spaceman

MC Jabber - Sex and Death

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