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Cirque Shems’y sits on the edge of one of Morocco's poorest slums, and hundreds of teenagers come to audition here each year, looking for a different future. Pirates of Salé follows a tough journey of transformation for four young Moroccans as they learn to live independently, express themselves, challenge convention, and embrace a totally alien concept: artistic freedom.

Redbird Productions, 82 mins, 2014

(Audience Award, Olhares do Meditteraneo; Best Newcomer, Festival de Cinema Mediterranean; Youth Jury Best Doc, MedFilm Rome)

In Morocco, a quiet social revolution is underway. In a country where 60% of women have never been to school, women are working as official Muslim leaders – Morchidat - for the first time. Casablanca Calling follows three of these women as they try to transform attitudes and pave the way for a new future for women in their country.

Redbird Productions, 70 mins, 2014

(Winner, One World Media Award 2015)

Sharing a Dynamic Planet: Senegal

A series of eight films exploring environmental issues with global significance through case studies in Senegal: Landgrab; The fishing crisis; Water; Agribusiness and sustainable farming; Rising sea levels; Community activism.

Watch The Water Forest here.

Angel Eye Media/Open University

(Winner, UN Environmental Film Award)

A documentary about Morocco’s first circus school and the extraordinary young people in it as they undertake their first national tour.

Redbird Productions, Al Jazeera Witness

The Outside Story

Observational film following three offenders serving sentences in the community as they try to change their lives around through intensive behavioural programmes.

Inside Job Productions

A donor conceived young woman embarks on a journey to discover more about her unknown genetic history and identity. Documentary/Animation

Redbird Productions, TTV/Wellcome Trust

Bangladesh: Who will Pay?

Climate change means that already life is becoming impossible for millions of Bangladeshis struggling to survive in a landscape that is changing beyond recognition. How can they adapt?

Angel Eye Media/Open University

(Prize winner, World Bank Film Competition)

When 40,000 highly skilled migrants living in the UK suddenly faced deportation due to a change in immigration law they decided to take on the British government. We follow their legal challenge to the government and their fight for the right to stay. 


Banyak Films for Al Jazeera

Migrants and Borders

The stories of migrant workers inside fortress Europe and the physical and virtual surveillance systems developing to police and monitor them. Filming with documented and undocumented migrants in the UK and the south of Spain. 

Angel Eye Media/Open University

Part of the BBC's Picture of Britain season. Playwright John Godber explores his relationship with Hull. A portrait of an artist and the city.

Redbird Productions, BBC

A photographic journey through modern China. Louise Gibson meets deaf Chinese people from all walks of life and finds out what their hopes and fears are for the future as China undergoes such rapid change.

Redbird Productions/Maverick TV, C4

(Excellence Award, Spirit Award,  Superfest CA 2008)

A deaf dancer takes up the challenge of learning samba in Rio de Janeiro to perform in the world’s biggest carnival.

Redbird Productions/Maverick TV, C4

(Best documentary, Picture This, Canada 2007, Excellence Award, Superfest)

Water; Fairtrade; Child Labour. Three films about young people’s lives in India, Pakistan and Kenya.

Evans Woolfe/TTV

(Finalist, One World Media Awards)

Back to Bombay

A 25 year old deaf British Indian woman goes back to India for the first time to meet the family she was taken away from as a baby.

Redbird Productions/Maverick TV, C4


(Best Documentary, Picture This 2006. Best Documentary, Moscow Int Disability Film Festival.)

World of Difference

A group of teenage boys from inner city London go to Gambia to make a film about HIV/AIDS and have their world view completely changed.

Redbird Productions, C4


(Finalist - One World Media Awards 2005, Winner - Positive Images Awards 2005)

03 and Me

4 short docs to mark the European Year of Disabled People 2003 giving a humorous and poignant insight into the thoughts, desires and dreams of disabled people across the UK."It's programmes like this that prove Channel 4 has a soul" - Tim Gardam

Redbird Productions, C4

(Winner, Best short Documentary, Picture This)

Tasha, 15, lost her mother suddenly one morning. A group of friends in Scotland were devastated by the sudden death of their friend Peter after a rave in Glasgow. Moving stories of teenagers learning to live with loss.

Redbird Productions, C4

India Calling

(Producer) Observational documentary about telephone call centre workers in India. An alternative, offbeat take on globalisation.

Mentorn/Hypnotic Films, C4

(Finalist: BBC Mega Mela Awards 2002/Best Documentary, EMMA Awards 2003)

A Night of TV on the Line

New year three hour special for C4’s Millennium On The Line season exploring how television is made, watched and manipulated in the countries lying on the Greenwich meridian line. Presenter: Chris Cleverley

Wark Clements/C4

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